Start with dog on left hand side.

Start with dog on left hand side

Start with dog on left hand side

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Squaring the Dog into Position


This technique relies on the handler using his feet and hands to teach/guide the dog how to move into a given precise position. Each position is given a unique cue. When the dog understands a given position cue he will put himself into that position when cued.

Using a food lure in the hand or simply a hand target moved parallel to the ground in front of the dog’s nose, the dog is led away from the handler. To facilitate this the handler steps out with the appropriate foot so that the dog can be moved as far away from the handler as possible. The other foot remains anchored.

At the end of the stretch, the dog is turned towards the handler and guided in a straight line with a straight spine into the correct and precise position. As the dog is being guided into position the foot that stepped out slides back next to the anchored foot with the dog.

The dog results in correct, precise position and is rewarded in that position.

The handler then turns to set the dog up for another trial and the exercise is repeated.

Once the dog understands the behaviour required and will stand square in position, a cue can be introduced. The order of events is:

  • Cue
  • Move dog into position
  • Reward in position