2018 Video Events

by Robert Castle

event name: MDSA April 2018 video event

event number:   04201838v

The MDSA Executive Board is proud to announce the teams who received a qualifying/successful score in this MDSA freestyle event. We wish to congratulate everyone who entered this event. We hope to see you all again in a future event.
Titles indicated by * and legs indicated in parens.

Class: Novice
Coffield,Causey and Abby (*)
   Nichols,Jane and Cadence (*)

Class: Standard
  Marshall,Pat and Star (1)

Class: Intermediate
Pulsonetti,Maria and Merlin (1)

The MDSA Executive Board would also like to announce those teams that participated in our new non-titling Canine Freestyle Fun Class.  Thank you for sharing your freestyle performances with us.  After three Canine Freestyle Fun entries participants receive the Henrietta Award.  Number of Canine Freestyle Fun entries indicated in parens.

Class:  Canine Freestyle Fun
Pirtle,Bridgette and Roxxy (2)
  Weller,Rene and Vida (1)
  White,Lisa and Lexi (1)
  White,Lisa and Scarlett (1)